Illuminating the Frontier of ADC Discovery through the Latest Research, News and Literature

Decoding ADC Research

Unmasking Myths: Decoding ADC Research

By georgianelson | 14th September 2023

About the Paper & Its Authors Lara Fernandez-Cerezo and colleagues have presented breakthrough insights on Antibody−Drug Conjugate (ADC) research. They debunk myths hampering ADC advancement.     Survey & Methodology: Voices from the Field With the help of the Accelerated ADC Discovery Searchlight network, 25 experts (holding over 500 years of combined experience) were surveyed.…Read more

Small Molecule Impurities

Introducing Critical Research on Antibody-Drug Conjugates

By georgianelson | 31st August 2023

Control Strategy for Small Molecule Impurities in Antibody-Drug Conjugates Hai H. Gong, Nathan Ihle, and colleagues present valuable insights into controlling impurities in ADCs, a promising class of biopharmaceuticals. With the backing of the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development, the team lays out a science-based strategy addressing the challenges of small…Read more

Understanding Improved Antibody Penetration

Understanding Improved Antibody Penetration in Cancer Treatment

By georgianelson | 29th August 2023

Co-administered antibody improves penetration of antibody–dye conjugate into human cancers with implications for antibody–drug conjugates Guolan Lu, Naoki Nishio, and their team address a persistent problem: inadequate penetration of antibody-based cancer treatments into solid tumors. Though antibodies promise a more targeted attack on cancer, delivering them effectively remains a puzzle.     Current Obstacles: Penetration…Read more

Dawn of ADC Era

The Revolution of Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Cancer Treatment

By georgianelson | 29th August 2023

The Dawn of the Antibody–Drug Conjugates Era: How T-DM1 Reinvented the Future of Chemotherapy for Solid Tumors Developing effective cancer treatments with fewer side effects remains a paramount goal in oncology. Paolo Tarantino and Sara M. Tolaney dive deep into a groundbreaking development that has reshaped the future of chemotherapy for solid tumors.    …Read more

UF/DF-Based Impurity Removal

Unlocking the Secrets of ADC Purification: Insights into Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration Techniques in Cancer Treatment Innovations

By georgianelson | 24th August 2023

Introduction to the Research and Authors Antibody−drug conjugates (ADCs) are prominent cancer treatments. The research, “Strategies for UF/DF-Based Impurity Removal in the Post-conjugation Purification of Antibody−Drug Conjugate”, conducted by Lara Fernandez-Cerezo, Melissa Holstein, and their team, seeks to address purification challenges in ADCs.     Understanding ADCs and Their Importance ADCs combine a small-molecule drug…Read more

ADC Development Timelines

Searchlight Workshop: Revolutionizing ADC Development Timelines

By georgianelson | 22nd August 2023

Initiating Change with Early Testing    The workshop kicked off with a strong emphasis on early testing in ADC development. They explained that early TOX/PK tests, taken during the conjugation phase, could provide a clearer roadmap for later, pricier GLP tox stages. These proactive measures aim to protect substantial investments, ensuring money is well spent.…Read more

Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Innovative Approach to Advanced Antibody-Drug Conjugates

By georgianelson | 22nd August 2023

The Rise of ADCs and Their Current Challenges The recent surge in antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) approvals by the FDA, now totalling eleven, showcases their potential in targeted therapeutics. The majority of these ADCs are produced through cysteine-selective bioconjugation. However, there’s a prevalent challenge with many of these ADCs – they use maleimide functionalized linkers known…Read more